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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Phoenix Hawk (Part the First)

So I was diggin' around in my box of mini stuff the other day, and found an unassembled Phoenix Hawk mini in a baggie that I had almost forgotten about. I decided to assemble it so I could prime it this weekend along with the Highlander I bought a while back. Here's a recap of the assembly process.

To start with, the casting of this mini was pretty atrocious. Normally, Iron Wind stuff seems to be pretty good and doesn't require a whole lot of cleaning, but the arm sockets on this particular mini were all kinds of screwed up and the arms didn't fit. I didn't bother photographing me filing out the arm sockets so it'd fit together, but it took me a little while. The next step was the arms themselves:

At the top of that picture is a laser that fits under the right hand. Both arms came bent at that 45 degree angle like the one at the bottom of the pic, which I didn't really care for, so I decided to repose the left arm by splitting it at the elbow with an X-Acto knife, as you can see in the two piece in the center of the photo. Also, due to the crappy cast, the laser didn't actually fit on the right arm because the hand was bent downwards. This would not do at all.

I cut the hand off the arm and filed down the back of it so that it could be glued back on straight and then the laser would fit properly. Then after a little super glue, I ended up with this:

The round elbow joint on the right arm was filed flat near the bottom so there was enough of a contact point for the forearm to be glued back on, and the bit where it was attached before was sculpted a little bit with an X-Acto knife and a fine file. I'll probably pick up some modeling putty before I prime it so I can sculpt it a little bit more and hopefully make it look unmodified.

At this point in the assembly process, I found out first-hand why there are warnings on tubes of Krazy Glue that tell you not to get that shit on your hands. Bad scene.

Anyway, after taking a break to pick super glue off my left hand, I finished the assembly of the 'Mech, and it looks like this:

Not bad, if I do say so myself. Next up will be working on that elbow joint a little bit more, priming and painting. I'll probably get on that in the next few days, and more pics will be up then.

Now to pick the rest of that superglue off my knuckles...

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